Next to playing music I'm very passionate about teaching. I love to explore music and the instrument with the students and find out what they want and need. It is a very grateful task to give the students the tools and selfconvidence to pursue their musical lives. If you would like to have an impression of what these tools are, click on the links below to read more about it.

From practiceroom to the stage!

We all start in our practicerooms. We want to learn techniques to know how the instrument works, so we can improve our playing. Many things you just did unconsience are now been made conscience and need to be practiced. You need to know the right techniques to know what you are doing but you will notice that soon you'll be thinking to much about technique and that it becomes harder and harder to pass the stage of thinking and analizing one's own playing.

An important step to take your playing to the next level is therefore to go from thinking and knowing to feeling and experiencing. In this step we transfer the techniques that we have learned from our brain to our body. By playing with our body we create space in our mind to be creative and aware of the moment.

The step from thinking to feeling is also the step from practicing to performing. On stage you don't want to analyze and criticize yourself because that will take you out of your performance. While performing you want to feel and experience everything you do and you want to be open and aware of what is happening in the music. This way you will feel free and at the same time connected to the music.

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