Intuition and self confidence

Intuition and selfconvidence are the framework of all our skills. They are the fundament for the development of your talent and skills. Making music is magic, the truth exists only in the moment of music making itself and you need to rely on your intuition to create it.

* Can I play the same music (a bit) different every time I play it?

* How often do you play under the tempo because you fear losing it?

* Can you be "in the moment" or are you thinking back about what went wrong?

* Are you affraid you are wrong when you play by your feeling?

* Can I play from a positive musical intention?

* Are the notes coming at you and you feel no time to choose direction?

* Are you comfortable with: "This is the way we always play it"?

* Can I play my own version after hearing a recording of a piece?

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