It is a wonderful thing to be inspired by others. The sources of inspiration are so many, I can't begin to name them all but some people are forever with us after being touched by them. Here are some of the people who have been and still are important to my (musical) life. I can't thank them enough for being there when I needed help and inspiration.

First of all, I would like to thank my parents and my family for their love and support, they make my life very rich with their presence.

Knut Guettler, Knut was very special to me, he was a very warm personality and exceptionally skilled in everything he did. I learned so much from him to improve my playing without judging me or my musical taste but always supporting and challenging. Knut was without a doubt the most intelligent person I've known and his thinking was always "out of the box". It has been a pleasure and an honor to study with him and later teach side by side at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Sadly Knut passed away in Februari 2013.

John Clayton, John is such a warm and caring person next to being a living legend in writing and playing music. I am very proud to know him. His recording with the Monty Alexander Trio "The way it is" is always with me wherever I go.

Jacqueline du Pre, I listened to her recordings since I was very young and have always been moved by the intensity of her playing.

François Rabbath, I have never met him in person but when he speaks about how to play the bass I feel very close and find myself nodding at many things he says. There is a brilliant masterclass by Rabbath on Youtube. The first part you can watch in the video underneath but make sure to watch the next parts of the masterclass as well!

Arts and creativity are not appreciated as much as other skills that we learn in school. Sir Ken Robinson makes a compelling speech to make us aware of the consequences.

 Jean-Paul Everts © 2011 