It is crucial to experience the contact with your instrument through your body. Since the Double bass is a big fysical demanding instrument, we need to know how to use our bodies wisely not to cause injuries.

Learning to play with your body has more advantages. Experiencing your bodymovements improves your sense of rhythm and allows you to feel wether your movements are natural.

Translating music into movement is a perfectly natural proces, every musician can and should be able to move to music. Making natural bodymovements very often tells you what is the right technique. Feeling the music and translating this to the instrument is also an important key to gain selfconvidence and develope your intuïtion. It connects the practicingroom to the stage.

* Are you playing with bodyexperience or are you playing with your head?

* How can I become less tired of playing the bass?

* How does left/right coördination work and how can I improve this?

* How can I use gravity playing the bass?

* How do I develop better contact with the instrument?

* Can I use a relaxed vibrato with all my fingers at any speed?

* Can I get a better and bigger sound from my instrument?

* Do you feel rhythm through your body or are you counting in your head?

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